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The Water bLog is the semi-annual newsletter of the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR), housed at the Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL). Each issue reports on a small selection of current or recently completed research projects and other topics of interest.

Current Newsletter—November 2023
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July 2023 Water bLog Newsletter Cover

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Recent Newsletters:

July 2023 Newsletter
July 2023

Research Highlights in this edition include efforts to manage the Great Salt Lake salinity levels and a highlight of USU's collaboration with Egypt's Center of Excellence for Water.

November 2022 Newsletter
November 2022

Research Highlights in this edition include a report on Great Salt Lake Strike Team efforts, getting crop data to farmers faster using drone technology, and investigating how microplastics degrade in high mountain regions.

June 2022 Newsletter
June 2022

Research Highlights in this edition include projections of future drought scenarios in the Colorado River Basin, as well as new techniques for modeling river topography. 

December 2021 Newsletter
December 2021

Research Highlights in this edition include an innovative method for measuring snow depth and research measuring the effects of draught on wheat roots. Also includes a brief introduction to HydroLearn.

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