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Water Education

Faculty within the Water Division have joint appointments within the Utah Water Research Laboratory and USU's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The academic curriculum supporting research is one of the most comprehensive offered in the United States.

Elements of ongoing research projects at the Utah Water Research Laboratory are routinely and effectively incorporated into courses offered by the CEE department. The program combines research, training, and experience to understand water issues and water resources management challenges in the State of Utah, the United States, and the world.

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering Water Resources Graduate Emphases

The UWRL Water Program highlights four key research areas: Hydraulics, Hydrology & Water Resources, Intelligent Water Systems, and Irrigation, which correlate directly with the 6 graduate emphases offered by USU's Civil and Environmental Engineering department: 


Faculty members within the UWRL Water Program serve within research organizations, government committees, and education programs throughout Utah and the country, using their expertise to improve and support water research. Examples of organizations receiving such service include the American Water Resources Association, Logan River Task Force, NOAA National Water Center, Utah Air Quality Board, the American Society of Civil Engineering, among many others.