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The Utah On-Site Wastewater Treatment Training Program

The Utah On-Site Wastewater Treatment Training Program provides formal classroom and field training, as well as technology transfer, to Utah and other Rocky Mountain region regulators, consultants, contractors, and other stakeholders in on-site wastewater treatment systems


Level 1 & Level 2 Certification Renewal

Test Out Option Dates:  February 25, 2021 and August 26, 2021

Regular Schedule coming in 2021

The test will be administered at select Health Department locations as listed in the "On-Site Certification and Classes" section below.

(contact Ivonne Harris 435.797.3693 with any questions or concerns)


  • Failure to pass the exam(s) will require recertification class attendance.
  • Government staff not eligible for the test-out option.
  • Exams will be offered twice per year, usually February and August.

UOWA Conference will be held February 4-5, 2021.  It will be held virtually, via Google Meet

Spring 2021 Classes

At this time, we plan to hold the 2021 spring on-site wastewater certification classes virtually. Lectures will be broadcast from a remote location to various health departments around the state. Attendance limitations will be strictly enforced at the various locations in order to satisfy social distancing requirements. Local health department staff will serve as mentors to those in attendance.

More information will be provided at a later date once we have finished identifying dates and health departments that agree to act as host locations.

We are hoping that we will be able to provide the 2021 Fall Classes with in-person instruction.

NOTE: Cutoff date for registration for a 2021 Spring class will be two weeks before the first day of class in order to have sufficient time to prepare and deliver class materials to the various locations.

The 2021 schedule will be available shortly.  You can see dates on our registration page (when it's uploaded)