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Kyle Moor

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Contact Information

Go toOffice Location: ENGR 213/ UWRL 307
DialPhone: 435-797-0937

Educational Background

PhD, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Yale University, 2016
Development of Supported Fullerene Photosensitizers for Light-Activated Disinfection Technologies
BS, Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2010


I hold a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Virginia Tech and a M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Yale University. Prior to joining Utah State University, I studied pollutant transformation in aquatic environments as an ETH Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics at ETH Zrich.

Teaching Interests

Chemical processes in environmental engineering, drinking water treatment, environmental chemistry

Research Interests

An underlying theme in my work is applying chemistry principles to tackle environmental challenges. This includes developing new treatment technologies and understanding pollutant degradation pathways in both natural and engineered systems. Specific research interests include: aquatic photochemistry, laser spectroscopy, advanced oxidation processes, plastic degradation in the environment, and the fate of contaminants.

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      Book Chapters

    • Moor, K., Snow, S.D, Kim, J., (2016). Light sensitized disinfection with fullerene: Applying Nanotechnology for Environmental Sustainability. IGI Global

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          Academic Journal

        • Partanen, S.B, Erickson, P.R, Latch, D.E, Moor, K., McNeill, K., (2020). Dissolved organic matter singlet oxygen quantum yields: Evaluation using time-resolved singlet oxygen phosphorescence. Environmental Science & Technology, 54, 336-3324.
        • Stirchak, L.T, Moor, K., McNeill, K., Donaldson, D.J, (2019). Differences in photochemistry between seawater and freshwater for three natural organic matter samples. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 21, 28-39.
        • Moor, K., Schmitt, M., Erickson, P.R, McNeill, K., (2019). Sorbic acid as a triplet probe. Triplet energy and reactivity with dissolved organic matter via O2 phosphorescence. Environmental Science & Technology, 53, 8078-8086.
        • Schmitt, M., Moor, K., Erickson, P.R, McNeill, K., (2019). Sorbic acid as a triplet probe: Reactivity with oxidizing triplets in dissolved organic matter by direct observation of aromatic amine oxidation. Environmental Science & Technology, 53, 8087-8096.
        • Erickson, P.R, Moor, K., Werner, J.J, Arnold, W.A, McNeill, K., (2018). Singlet oxygen phosphorescence as a probe for triplet-state dissolved organic matter reactivity. Environmental Science & Technology, 52, 9170-9178.
        • Moor, K., Osuji, C.O, Kim, J., (2016). Dual-functionality fullerene and silver nanoparticle anitmicrobial composites via block copolymers templates. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 33583-33591.
        • Moor, K., Cates, E.L, Kim, J., (2016). Porus silicon's photoactivity in water: Insights into environmental fate. Environmental Science & Technology, 50, 756-764.
        • Moor, K., Snow, S.D, Kim, J., (2015). Differential photoactivity of aqueous [C60] and [C70] fullerene aggregates. Environmental Science & Technology, 49, 5590-5598.
        • Snow, S.D, Kim, K.C, Moor, K., Jang, S.S, Kim, J., (2015). Functionalized fullerenes in water: A closer look. Environmental Science & Technology, 49, 2147-2155.
        • Moor, K., Valle, D.C, Li, C., Kim, J., (2015). Improving the visible light photoactivity of fullerene photocatalysts through the use of [C70] fullerene. Envirionmental Science & Technology, 49, 6190-6197.
        • Ge, L., Moor, K., Zhang, B., He, Y., Kim, J., (2014). Electron transfer mediation by aqueous C60 aggregates in H2O2/UV advanced oxidation of indigo carmine. Nanoscale, 6, 13579-13585.
        • Moor, K., Kim, J., (2014). Simple synthetic method toward solid supported C60 visible light activated photocatalysts. Environmental Science & Technology, 48, 2785-2791.
        • Moor, K., Kim, J., Snow, S.D, (2013). [c70] fullerene-sensitized triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion. Chemical Communications, 49, 10829-10831.

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