USGS Water Resources Research Institute Awards through the UWRL

April 7, 2020

Faculty members at the Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) and Watershed Sciences at USU and at the University of Utah recently received project awards as part of the USGS 104b program administered by the Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR) housed within the UWRL. As one of 54 state-level water resources research institues in the US authorized by the 1964 Water Resources Research Act, the UCWRR supports water resources and environmental quality research, outreach and information dissemination in the State of Utah.

USU Students collect data on the Logan River Watershed

UWRL Students collect data on the Logan River Watershed

The following projects were approved and are now underway:

  • Zac Sharp (USU, CEE/UWRL): Improving the Hydraulics of Urban Flooding
  • David Rosenberg (USU, CEE/UWRL) and Jack Schmidt (USU, Watershed Sciences): Dynamic, Adaptive Management of the Colorado River to enhance Water Supply and River Ecosystem Outcomes
  • Carlos Oroza (U of U, CEE): Leveraging LIDAR and Citizen-Science for Low-Cost, High-Resolution, Snow-Depth Estimation
  • Beth Neilson (USU, CEE/UWRL): Obtaining Lidar Data to Support Research in the Logan River Watershed