New Water Resources Management Textbook co-authored by R. Ryan Dupont

March 3, 2020

UWRL faculty member R. Ryan Dupont recently published a new textbook with co-author Louis Theodore, an internationally recognized author and lecturer on chemical engineering and environmental protection topics. Dr. Dupont, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been teaching and conducting research in environmental engineering at UWRL at USU for more than 35 years. His main research areas have addressed soil and groundwater bioremediation, stormwater management via green infrastructure, field remediation technology demonstration and treatment system performance verification, and water reuse technology performance and risks. He also served as Acting Director of the Utah Water Research Laboratory and as the Head of the Environmental Engineering Division for 10 years.

Ryan Dupont's new textbook titled: Water Resource Management Issues: Basic Principles and Applications

As noted on the CRC Press website, the book titled, Water Resources Management Issues: Basic Principles and Applications "examines the technical and scientific, as well as regulatory, ethical, and emerging issues of pollution prevention, sustainability, and optimization for the production and management of safe drinking water to cope with environmental pollution, population growth, increasing demand, terrorist threats, and climate change pressures, with a summary of conventional water and wastewater treatment technologies as well as the latest processes for drinking water treatment."