Kenyan delegation visits the UWRL

October 5, 2019

The UWRL recently welcomed a delegation of Kenyan dignitaries who were visiting USU to discuss development and use of the water that will become available with dam projects underway in Kenya. The USU agricultural extension office arranged the tour, which included the UWRL and USU’s experimental farm in Wellsville. The lab portion of the tour was hosted by UWRL faculty members involved in agricultural management and irrigation and hydraulics. Visitors included government leaders from the Kajaido area in Kenya and the East Africa Chamber of Commerce, along with staff members and others. Together they discussed water challenges, use, and development in Kenya, agricultural water management, and the potential for collaboration opportunities in the future.

Zac Sharp with Kenyan delegation at the UWRL

The delegation with Dr. Zac Sharp as he explains some of the hydraulic modeling work underway at the UWRL.