UWRL Welcomes Two New Faculty

September 18, 2018

The Utah Water Research Lab is excited to welcome two new faculty members, Assistant Professor Brian Crookston and Assistant Research Professor Zac Sharp. These two new faculty members bring in a great wealth of professional experience and knowledge to the UWRL and it's staff and students.

Brian Crookston, Assistant Professor

Brian Crookston

ENGR 222/ UWRL 232

Although technically a new Assistant Professor, Brian Crookston is actually returning to the UWRL after spending the last few years at Schnabel Engineering in West Chester, PA. Previous to this, Brian received his PhD in Water Resources Engineering and served as an Adjunct Professor at Utah State University. Brian’s research and consulting interests are focused on water conveyance, including the design of hydraulic structures, nonlinear spillways, and physical and numerical modeling.

Zac Sharp, Assistant Research Professor

Zac Sharp

UWRL 111

Research Assistant Zac Sharp is more than familiar with USU, as he received his MS and PhD from USU’s College of Civil & Environmental Engineering. Zac is also familiar with the UWRL, having worked in some capacity at the Water Lab since 2004. Zac specializes in performing hydraulic structure physical model studies on dam and spillways, as well as power plants intakes, erosion control, and many other water related models.