UWRL Opens Funded Research Opportunities

October 31, 2018

The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) is looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated applicants for a variety of funded water resources research opportunities. As a multidisciplinary laboratory in the College of Engineering, the UWRL attracts applicants from a variety of STEM backgrounds and is engaged in a wide range of challenging national and international research efforts.

Current research opportunities are in the following areas:

USU grad students in the field.

USU grad students measure spectral response of vine leaves to detect changes in plants due to issues with irrigation, nutrients, diseases, and growing cycle.

  • Water Infrastructure and the Environment (PhD)
  • Human-Natural Water Management (MS, PhD)
  • Agricultural Water and Big Data (MS, PhD)
  • Machine Learning and Hydrology (PhD)
  • Human Impact on Hydrology Modeling & Prediction (MS, PhD)
  • Colorado River Water Management (Post-doc)