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UWRL Opens Funded Research Opportunities


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USU grad students in the field.

USU grad students measure spectral response of vine leaves to detect changes in plants due to issues with irrigation, nutrients, diseases, and growing cycle.

The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) is looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated applicants for a variety of funded water resources research opportunities. As a multidisciplinary laboratory in the College of Engineering, the UWRL attracts applicants from a variety of STEM backgrounds and is engaged in a wide range of challenging national and international research efforts.

Current research opportunities are in the following areas:

Water Infrastructure and the Environment (PhD)
Human-Natural Water Management (MS, PhD)
Agricultural Water and Big Data (MS, PhD)
Machine Learning and Hydrology (PhD)
Human Impact on Hydrology Modeling & Prediction (MS, PhD)
Colorado River Water Management (Post-doc)

Learn more at our Funded Research Opportunities page or download the PDF.