Educational Resources

Logan River Observatory data are being used in training the next generation of engineers and scientists. Several courses at Utah State University are using LRO data in their classes. For more information about how LRO data are being used in an educational context, contact the instructors of the individual courses.

Classes Using LRO Data

  • CEE 3610 – Environmental Management 
  • CEE 3430 – Hydrology 
  • CEE 3500 – Fluid Mechanics 
  • CEE Senior Design – Each year there is at least one group of senior design students focused on different aspects of the Logan River.
  • CEE 5003/6003 – Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
  • CEE 5190/6190 – GIS for Civil Engineers
  • CEE 5470/6470 – Sedimentation Engineering
  • CEE 6110 – Hydroinformatics
  • CEE 6660 - Environmental and Hydrologic Data Analysis and Experimentation
  • CEE 6400 – Physical Hydrology
  • CEE 5500/6500 – Open Channel Hydraulics
  • CEE 6740 – Surface Water Quality Modeling
  • CEE 6930 – Hydrologic Field Methods
  • GEO 6190 – Aqueous Geochemistry
  • GEO 3700 – Structural Geology


Additional Educational Use

CEE 6660 – A recently redesigned version of CEE 6660 - Environmental and Hydrologic Data Analysis and Experimentation, a required class for all water and environmental graduate students in CEE, uses LRO data extensively. LRO data are used in 4 assignments, 3 projects, nearly every lecture, and in ~20 out of 24 in class practice assignments.

GEO 3700 Structural Geology – Jim Evans (Geosciences) had his GEO 3700 Structural Geology class use data from the LRO to integrate structural, geologic, and hydrologic data at Ricks Springs as part of group projects. They held a public poster session and plan to present a version of these posters at the 2023 USU Spring Runoff conference.