The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) is a university-based research facility with around 150 employees. Located on the Logan River, our 113,000 ft² facility includes a 50,000 ft² Hydraulics Bay, 11,000 ft² Hydraulics Modeling Laboratory, and 11,000ft² Environmental Quality Laboratory. 


Delivery drop-off in the UWRL parking lot has changed.

Delivery map for the UWRL
Please back semi trucks into the loading and unloading zone marked in the diagram above. A gravel turn-around area is available across the street for your use.

Smaller trucks may still use the UWRL bridge for deliveries. 


Visitors attending a conference or workshop, tour, or any other activity should park in the areas indicated:

UWRL Parking Lot
A = UWRL Employees Parking
B = Visitor Parking (Upper lot to the east of our main lot)
C = Visitor Parking (Hydraulics Modeling Lab, south of the UWRL)

USU Shuttle

USU Parking Services has added a shuttle route between the UWRL and USU main campus.

Running Time: 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday

Frequency: every 15 minutes

Capacity: USU Mini-Bus

Pick-up/Drop-off location:  
UWRL parking lot near the bridge

View Shuttle Route Map

Visitor Forms

To request a tour of the UWRL, please contact the UWRL Receptionist (435-797-3155). 

Clients and guests visiting the lab should complete our Online Visitor Form. 

A separate parental consent form is required for minors (under 18) visiting the lab. C
ontact the UWRL Receptionist  (435-797-3155) to obtain a parental consent form.


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