Engineering and Testing

Launch your project with AggieAir engineering and testing.


UAS Design


Focused on full scale remote sensing, AggieAir has designed several rugged, long range UAS. These have been purpose-built to collect the highest quality scientific grade data.

  • 5 Field Tested Fixed-Wings
  • 3 VTOL
  • Aerospace Grade Avionics

Advanced Payloads

Payload Model

AggieAir has extensive experience taking scientific data requirements, selecting sensors, and engineering a payload around those sensors accounting sensors calibration, aircraft dynamics, and mission planning.

  • 3 AggieAir Scientific Multi-Spectral Payloads
  • Tetra Cam
  • Fish Tracker

Scientific Sensor Integration

AggieAir payload equipment
  • Thermal Infrared
  • RGB/Monochrome
  • Air Quality
  • Precision Atmospheric Sensor
  • IMSAR Lidar

UAS Airspace Access

Dan Robinson preparing for UAV flight

Working closely federal and state FAA, AggieAir has authored over 20 Certificates of Authorization (COA). AggieAir specializes in large area, high altitude COAs.

AggieAir specializes in large area, high altitude COAs in close proximity to airports.

Analytical Tool Development

AggieAir renderings of data analysis

With a team of photogrammetrists, GIS analysts, and scientists, AggieAir develops custom tools for analyzing crop health, water management, natural environments, and habitat monitoring. These tools are carefully compared and tested against the scientific standard of remotes sensing, LandSat LDCM.


Uncrewed Aircraft

Minion in Flight

Leveraging 10 years of integrating, testing, and deploying scientific grade payloads, AggieAir has the expertise to prove your system is scientific grade and field ready.

  • Sensor Calibration
  • Ground Truthing
  • Full Scale Flight Testing & Integration

Manned Aircraft

Two men with a helicopter

AggieAir can integrate payloads onto both helicopter and fixed-wing aircrafts for testing that requires modification for higher altitudes, for larger payloads, or over greater distances. We also have access to a dedicated remote sensing aircraft.

Ground Sampling, Validation, & Modeling

A student collecting field data from grape vines

Specializing in agriculture and natural resources, AggieAir can also conduct and validate your field research data and equipment using our custom analytical tools and techniques for biophysical parameters modeling.