AggieAir Employee Spotlight- Deepesh Parate

February 5, 2019
Deepesh Parate

Deepesh Parate

Graduate Assistant: Software Engineering

For this week’s AggieAir Spotlight, we’re highlighting Deepesh Parate, a graduate student at USU studying Computer Science.

Deepesh has been with AggieAir for a little more than a year, and during that time, has been in charge of software development and implementation.  This has led him to gain skills and experience in C++, Python, and image processing software. In particular, Deepesh is in charge of developing software to convert mission planning information from UGCS to Paparazzi format in Python, so that designed plans in UGCS can be simulated in Paparazzi.

While developing software for image processing and geotagging in C++, Deepesh has reduced processing time by almost an hour.

Deepesh said, “Coming here from India and working with this group of people has largely helped me to get accustomed to US work culture and helped me prepare for future professional endeavors. Alfonso, Joe, Cal, and others have been so helpful in advising and mentoring me, which has really helped me develop as a computer scientist”.

Deepesh is planning on graduating from USU with his Master’s in Computer Science in May, and is currently looking for a full time job as a software developer.

Thanks for all you do Deepesh!