AggieAir Spotlight: Ricky Loveland

January 7, 2019
Ricky Loveland

Ricky Loveland

Undergraduate Research Assistant: Software Engineer & IT Purchase Manager

This week’s AggieAir Employee Spotlight, where we highlight a crucial member of our team, is Ricky Loveland, an undergraduate research assistant in software engineering.

Ricky has been with AggieAir for the last 11 months, and plays an essential role in our team by handling the logistics of running our lab. This includes purchasing, data management, and IT work. Ricky also works on payload development, adapting new cameras and features to our current system.

During his time at AggieAir, Ricky says he has learned to successfully cooperate with a team, and that the expectations of his position have taught him skills that he has been able to take to outside roles. Ricky explained, “I enjoy my time at AggieAir as the people here are kind, and easy to talk to (weird for engineers) and the work is inspiring”.

When not working at AggieAir, Ricky spends most of his time either outdoors, hiking and swimming, or studying nature topics and other various engineering fields and topics. Ricky also volunteers at a middle school teaching program, and is always looking for more volunteer opportunities within the community.

Ricky plans to graduate with a computer science degree with an emphasis in digital systems and a minor in psychology in Fall 2020. His future goals include creating technology that will benefit others or the environment, and encouraging others to grow as developers.

Thanks for all that you do Ricky!