AggieAir Employee Spotlight- Ligia Frangello

May 10, 2019
Ligia Frangello

Ligia Frangello

Research Assistant Software Development

Since her sophomore year at USU, Ligia Frangello has worked as a Research Assistant Software Developer on our team. Along with the rest of our CS crew, her contributions to AggieAir have helped our organization become a gold standard in UAV remote sensing.

During the past few years, Ligia has participated in development from beginning to end in our many projects. In Ligia’s role with AggieAir, she’s been able to help us with a little bit of everything, from bit shifting to send message packets to front end graphic user interface development, to representing AggieAir at conferences (such as the National SWE Conference) in front of thousands of engineers.

Ligia said, “My favorite part about AggieAir is my team, we motivate each other while also learning from each other. Whenever I am stuck on something there’s always someone that’s willing to listen and give some input. Another great thing about AggieAir is the infrastructure we have, by using effective communication and planning platforms everyone is up to date on what’s happening and that allows me to work from anywhere, which makes it easier to balance my school/work/skiing life!”.

Ligia is graduating in December 2018 with a degree in computer science from Utah State University.