AggieAir Spotlight- Marcus Jensen

January 22, 2019
Marcus Jensen

Marcus Jensen

Research Assistant: Mechanical Engineering

This week’s AggieAir spotlight is Marcus Jensen, a recent graduate from USU in Mechanical Engineering. He’s worked with AggieAir since January 2018.

Marcus is part of our mechanical team at AggieAir, and is our resident expert at designing things in Solidworks. Marcus is also a key communicator in our group, helping us prevent rework and get tasks done efficiently and on time. 

During his time at AggieAir, Marcus said “The most important thing I’ve learned is to take initiative and find meaningful things to do. Most of the work we do is self-driven. We know what the problem is but no one tells us how to solve it. Developing an effective problem solving method has been very helpful for me”.

When asked, Marcus said that his favorite part about working for AggieAir is being able to work with and learn from other engineering disciplines that he is unfamiliar with.

While not working with us, Marcus likes to build Lego and mountain bike.

Marcus graduated in December of 2018 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations Marcus and thanks for all you do!