AggieAir Employee Spotlight- James Humble

May 10, 2019
James Humble

James Humble

Research Assistant: Computer Engineer

For our third AggieAir Employee Spotlight, where we highlight an important member of our team, we chose our resident “Fix-It” man, James Humble. Since March of 2018, James Humble has been a part of our team as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in Computer Engineering. James came to AggieAir with a passion for computers and software, and previously worked as a Teaching Assistant for the Microcontrollers Lab at Utah State University.

For AggieAir, James is in charge of maintaining and upgrading the payload software and sometimes troubleshooting other software problems in the imagery processing pipeline. James also helps us find, and more importantly, repair problem-causing code in most of our software systems.

When asked, James said that his favorite part of working within AggieAir is, “watching an airplane fly with some new software and seeing everything work as planned. It’s even better if the pilot and GCS operator are pleased with the update”.

When not working, James is also our resident D&D Dungeon Master and 3D printing expert.

James is planning on graduating in May of 2019 with a degree in Computer Engineering from USU.