AggieAir Employee Spotlight: Griffin Dubanowich

March 11, 2019
Griffin Dubanowich

Griffin Dubanowich

Undergraduate Researcher: Lead Electrical Technician

This week’s AggieAir employee spotlight is Griffin Dubanowich, an undergraduate research assistant at Utah State University and our lead electrical technician. Griffin is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Maintenance and Management with a minor in UAV systems.

Since joining us in 2015 Griffin has done a little bit of everything at AggieAir, but as our lead electrical technician he focuses on maintaining the electrical hardware in all of our airframes. Griffin handles issues such as debugging, building new wiring harnesses and keeping up-to-date documentation. He also helps with smaller composite projects and small electrical design projects.

According to Griffin, the most important thing he’s learned to do at AggieAir is efficiently prototype and debug electronics. Griffin also mentioned, “My personal favorite part about working with AggieAir is the ability to work with cutting edge technology in the aviation industry, and see a valuable real world application of that technology". 

While not working at AggieAir, Griffin enjoys historical fencing, archery, 3d CAD Design, and learning how to make anything.

Thanks for all you do for AggieAir Griffin!