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Student Research

Student conducts research
Noah Schmadel

"I feel like I’m developing a foundation I can take anywhere, whether it’s research, industry, or academia."
Noah Schmadel, Environmental

Manal Elarab

"The program itself builds you as a person, and as a researcher. The whole environment helps you learn more and become more skillfull."
Manal Elarab, Water

Johnny Prettyman

"It was a great experience to directly apply what I was learning in class here at the lab in a real situation instead of just in the classroom."
Johnny Prettyman, Hydraulics

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Academic Information:
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Student Research

The research program at the UWRL coordinates with the academic programs in the USU College of Engineering and provides students with opportunities to conduct hands-on, applicable research with the aid of faculty and other researchers who hold joint appointments at the UWRL and the Civil and Environmental Engineering and Biological Engineering departments at USU.

Students work closely alongside faculty mentors to conduct multidisciplinary research projects that combine research, training, and experience and give our students a broad understanding of environmental and water resources challenges and solutions that will help them become the next generation of water experts in Utah and around the world.

We recognize the great resources our students bring to the research conducted at the lab. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and determination are integral components to the success of our research program. The UWRL has so far welcomed students from over 100 countries.

Recent Presentations

Karl Christensen--American Water Works Association 2018 Annual Conference—Midway, Utah—October 2018
"Estimation of Streamflow Metrics with Environmental Flow Applications in California"

Jeffery Flashinski—USBI Watershed Restoration and Remeditation Conference—Wilmington, Delaware—August 2018
"The Impact of Wood Biochar on the Contaminant Uptake of Corn Irrigated with Reclaimed Water"

Mahyar Aboutalebi—SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing 2018—Orlando, Florida—April 2018
"Behavior of Vegetation/Soil Indices in Shaded and Sunlit Pixels and Evaluation of Different Shadow Compensation Methods Using UAV High-Resolution Imagery Over Vineyards"

Sonia Binte Murshed—American Geophysical Union 2017—New Orleans, Lousiana—December 2017
"Scarcity of Fresh Water Resources in the Ganges Delta of Bangladesh"

Ian Hammond—American Geophysical Union—New Orleans, Louisiana—December 2017
"Wintertime Ambient Ammonia Concentrations in Northern Utah's Urban Valleys"

Nour Atallah—WaterSmart Innovations—Las Vegas, Nevada—October 2017
"Water Demand Disaggregation of Non-Residential Users of the City of Logan"

Tyler King-- Geological Society of America—Seattle, Washington—October 2017
"Investigating the Thermal Impacts of Hyporheic Exchange in an Alluvial Arctic River"

Irene Garousi-Nejad—AGU Meeting 2017—New Orleans, Louisiana—December 2017
"A Study on the Effects of Spatial Scale on Snow Processes in Hyper-Resolution Hydrological Modeling over Mountainous Areas"

Recent Student Accomplishments & Awards

UWRL and CEE Students win national award for design that could generate alternative energy using food waste at WEFTEC 2018 Conference

Sam Thompson receives Samuel Fletcher Tapman ASCE Student Chapter Scholarship and named 2018 Outstanding Senior for his department.

Mahyar Aboutalebi wins SPIE Award for his paper "Autonomous Air and Ground Sensing Systems for Agricultural Optimization and Phenotyping III"

Adel Abdallah receives AWWA Intermountain Section Diversity Award for 2018

UWRL students sweep AWWA 2017 Scholarships.

Mahyar Aboutalebi wins J. Paul Riley AWRA Paper Competition.

Caleb Buahin was awarded Martin Luther King fellowship for 2016-2017. Caleb was also one of three students selected as a 2016 Engineering Graduate Scholar.

UWRL and CEE students win 2016 WEAU student design award in St. George. The team will represent Utah in the upcoming national competition.

Ayman AlAfifi recieves wins 2016 J. Paul Riley AWRA Utah Chapter Student Paper Competition.

Tyler King earns outstanding student paper award at AGU.

Adel Abdallah is awarded UCOWR scholarship to 2015 Smart Water Innovations Conference.