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Fengwei Hung

Fengwei  Hung

Utah Water Research Lab

Post-Doctoral Researcher II

Contact Information

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My research interests focus on developing decision frameworks for water management problems that balance multiple human interests and the integrity of environmental systems. My PhD dissertation is centered on green infrastructure planning for urban stormwater management which consists of: a. an adaptive investment planning method using stochastic programming, b. a case study in Philadelphia that emphasizes how learning by doing can help improve long-term green infrastructure planning, and c. a theoretical framework for green infrastructure evaluation in combined sewer overflow control. My current research switches to unregulated river systems in which the water diversion and more frequent and prolonged droughts have caused severe damages to the ecosystem and the other water use (e.g., recreation, fishing, etc.). The goal is to provide a decision support tool that informs the decision maker the tradeoffs between the economic value of water diversion and the risks of environmental degradation considering the uncertainty of climate and the ecosystem response.