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Caleb Amoa Buahin

Caleb Amoa  Buahin

Post-Doctoral Research

Contact Information

Office Location: UWRL 235

Educational Background:

Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering, Utah State University, 2017


My research experience and interests are centered generally on the environmental fluid dynamics and hydroinformatics field with an emphasis on: 1) developing and applying hydrologic, hydraulic, and hydrodynamic models for understanding the dynamics that occur at the intersection between engineered water infrastructure, hydrological, and ecological systems; 2) integrating models and environmental information systems; and 3) development and application of GIS technologies to address water resources challenges. My current research is focused on developing and testing standardized modeling interfaces and frameworks that allow modelers to couple hydrologic models and related earth systems and environmental models in a “plug-and-play” fashion to reduce redundancy in model development efforts and support more holistic evaluations of human-natural water systems.