Student, Mahyar Aboutalebi, wins J. Paul Riley AWRA Paper Competition

March 24, 2017

Mahyar Aboutalebi was selected as a winner and scholarship recipient in the J. Paul Riley AWRA Utah Section Student Paper Competition. The paper, Satellite-based Prediction of Internal Migratory Movement under the Lack of Sufficient water for the Entire U.S.” will go on to compete in the oral presentation contest during the 2017 Spring Runoff Conference.

Mahyar Aboutalebi

Aboutalebi examines the trend of water storage changes for U.S states using satellite data and quantifies the data into usable information for the public as they relocate across the U.S. Aboutalebi predicts the U.S. locations that may face shortages and storages changes of water. As the environment often influences the choices people make as they relocate, it is important to have the environmental information available.

Aboutalebi is a Ph.D. student studying with Dr. Alfonso Torres-Rua here at the UWRL and will receive a cash scholarship for his paper submission. Congratulations, Mahyar!