Blake Tullis Receives Prestigious ASDSO Award

September 16, 2016

Dr. Blake Tullis was recently selected to receive the 2016 ASDSO Terry L. Hampton Medal. This award was established in 2007 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to dam safety. Recipients must work the field of dam safety, hydrology, and hydraulics; conduct hydrologic or hydraulic research related to dams of significant impact to dam engineering; participate in organizations focused on dams, dam safety, dam engineering, etc.; and have made significant contributions to the practice of hydrologic and/or hydraulic engineering for dams.

Dr. Tullis shows Takei Model

Blake Tullis is an Assistant Professor in USU's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Utah Water Research Laboratory, and he has become known internationally for his expertise with labyrinth weirs. His general areas of research interest include hydraulic structures, cavitation, culvert design for environmentally sensitive installations, hydraulic resistance in channels/pipes with composite roughness, and erosion control.

The Terry L. Hampton Medal is not presented every year, and Dr. Tullis is only the 5th recipient to be so honored. The award will be presented at the ASDSO Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September 2016.