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COVID-19 Information and Approval for UWRL Visitors and Guests

Prepared and approved by
UWRL Director David Tarboton

Information for Visitors to UWRL

The UWRL is following all USU, local, and state public health authority directives relative to COVID-19 guidelines. For the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors, we are taking the following precautions:

  • VISITORS to the UWRL are limited to those with official business and must be pre-approved by the UWRL Director (per USU COVID-19 travel policy). Groups of more than 4 visitors are currently not permitted. Use this form to request visitor approval.Visitors to the UWRL will be approved only if they have not had a known exposure to people with COVID-19 and have not experienced COVID-19 symptoms in the past two weeks. Visitors from locations with a high infection rate will need to describe what they have done/are doing to limit their exposure and prevent themselves becoming infected.

  • TRAVELERS to the UWRL are expected to (1) consider the risk in the locations they are traveling from and (2) answer the pre-travel health/COVID-19 screening questions on the visitor form to obtain travel/visit approval.

  • REMOTE MEETINGS using web-conferencing tools are encouraged to minimize in-person meetings.

  • FACE COVERINGS are required in all public spaces at the UWRL in accordance with State of Utah guidelines for State buildings including higher education. The receptionist has a supply of disposable, one-time use masks available for any visitors who don’t have one.

  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING/physical barriers are being implemented for employees and student teams who work in shared offices, workspaces, and laboratories.

  • FREQUENT CLEANING/DISINFECTING of high-touch surfaces such as door handles, stair rails, and conference tables/chairs is ongoing.

  • HAND SANITIZER is available in the lobby, conference rooms and other locations for visitors to use. Disinfectant wipes are also available for cleaning of conference/meeting room surfaces.

  • IN-PERSON MEETINGS should follow USU/UWRL guidelines for physical distancing, room occupancy and cleaning as posted in conference rooms. The host will wipe down tables, chairs, and any computer components used using disinfectant wipes. Protective face masks are required, but may be removed once seated and at least 6 ft. apart.

These guidelines are in effect until USU authorities notify us to remove the COVID-19 restrictions.


Visitor Pre-Travel Approval Process 

Note that per current university policy, a pre-travel approval process (at the department level) must be completed before visitors are formally invited to visit campus.

Visitor Approval Process

  1. The UWRL host completes the “Questions for Host” on the form linked below and obtains the information in the “Questions for Visitors” by either sending the form to the visitor or asking the visitor directly.
  2. When forms are complete (one form for each visitor), the UWRL host emails the completed form(s) to Jan Urroz at
  3. Jan Urroz will seek approval from the UWRL Director and inform the host via email whether the visitor request has been approved or declined. Please allow at least two days for director approval.

Pre-Travel Visitor Approval Request Form (PDF -print)

Pre-Travel Visitor Approval Request Form (PDF - fillable)