The AggieAir Service Center offers customized training on all aspects of UAVs, from flight planning and development, simulations, to the final mission. Topics can range from COAs and understanding FAA regulations to post processing and imagery analysis. Please contact Ian Gowing to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Below are our primary training focuses, please call us to see if we can meet your training needs.

Photogrammetric Image Processing

The AggieAir Service Center uses ‘Agisoft PhotoScan Professional’, a stand alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and allows the user to generate 3d spatial data. Training will develop the user's knowledge in all fundamental aspects of Agisoft Photoscan Professional including:

  • Importing & Aligning Raw Imagery
  • Adding GCP Point Data
  • Creating Point Clouds & Digital Surface Models
  • Creating Orthorectified Mosaics
  • Exporting Mosaics & Investigating Reflectance Values
People in room looking at computer with processed information

Agisoft Photoscan Professional Training

Mission Planning, Flight Simulation, & Testing

Mission planning and development are a prerequisite for all UAV flight missions. Training studies the critical phases of mission planning and development using in-house developed software to plan UAV missions. Focus is also given to achieving the overall objectives of the mission. Additional training will encompass the following:

  • Achieving Mission Objectives Through Correct Flight Planning
  • Mission Simulation & Testing
  • Common Issues of Aerial Targets & Ground Control Point Locations
  • UAV Mission Budget Analysis
  • Flight Testing & Remote Sensing Analysis
  • Mission Flights
  • Post Processing & Analytics
Mission Planning Photo

AggieAir Mission Complete & Mission Planning

UAV Flight Training & Testing

AggieAir has its own designated test flight location where all UAV flights are covered under a Certificate of Authorization. This allows Aggieair to test fly all UAV up to 3000m AGL. Training involves a combination of basic hands-on training and classroom workshops.

  • Fundamentals of all UAV flights - classroom & hands-on experience
  • White Panel/ Payload Calibration Fundamentals
  • Pre-flight Checks & Documentation

DJI VTOL Flight Training