UAV Services

AggieAir's Service Center is dedicated to providing high quality environmental data through time sensitive, high resolution, multi-spectral aerial imagery. The Service Center can also provide a wide range of post processing and analytical options to address research or application requirements. Please contact Ian Gowing for further details.

Thermal Operations

AggieAir researchers have developed scientifically based calibration software that relies on field protocols and on-board environmental sensors to compensate for calibration challenges and create consistent, high-quality thermal data.

  • UAV Platform: DJI Matric 600 Pro
  • Platform Payload: 2 Lumenera Lt965R & Lt1265R cameras, ICI 9640 Thermal Camera
  • Pixel Resolution:
    • Visual (Red, Green, Blue) - 2.19 cm/pix
    • VRE_NIR- 2.19 cm/pix
    • TIR- 13/5 cm/pix
  • Products Produced: Point cloud, DEM, Orthorectified Mosaic
  • DEM Pixel Resolution: 5.64 cm/pix

Thermal imagery from AggieAir's flights over USU's Logan and Price campuses. Imagery was used to discover energy loss through mapping hot and cold areas associated with buildings, equipment, and utility distribution.

Post Processing & Analytics

AggieAir Post Processing program screenshot

Generating a Fully Orthorectified Mosaic in Agisoft Photoscan Professional

The Service Center provides a complete package of post processing aerial imagery and additional analytics. All imagery can be fully aligned and orthorectified. Products can include:

  • Point Cloud Generation
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM) Generation
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Orothorectified Mosaics & Individual images
  • NDVI & Additional Vegetation Indices
  • Scientific Reflectance Values
  • Classification Maps
  • Change Detection Analysis
  • River/Fish Habitat Mapping Analysis

Natural Resource Analytics

AggieAir has been capturing aerial imagery of rivers and wetland environments for over 10 years. Whether it's acquiring imagery of dynamic river systems for fish habitat assessment proposals or investigating invasive riparian vegetation control issues, AggieAir is able to provide real time data to researchers.

  • Monitoring In-Stream Fish Habitats
  • Mapping Invasive Aquatic Weeds
  • Assessments of River Channel Migration Due To Riparian Vegetation Removal
  • Wetland Monitoring and Riparian Vegetation Assessments
  • Streambank Erosion/Degradation Assessments
  • Fire Assessment & Long Term Recovery Options
  • Historical Imagery Analysis
RGB, NIR, and Thermal Mosaics of Curtis Creek, Utah

RGB, NIR, and Thermal Mosaics
Curtis Creek, Utah

Precision Agriculture

Scipio Precison Agriculture Mosiac

Scipio Precision Agriculture Mosaic

Precision agriculture (micro-management farming) is gaining momentum because of modern technology and verifiable results. In addition to its impact on agricultural and economic outcomes, precision agriculture facilities better management of water, fertilizer/pesticides, and other farming activities.

  • Leaf Area Index
  • Phenotyping
  • Biomass Estimation
  • Nitrogen Content
  • Chlorophyll Content
  • Soil Moisture Content
  • Crop Counting

Aquatic Environments

Monitoring aquatic environments has become more and more important in recent years due to issues of drought and drought management. and provides managers of these natural resources.

  • Sediment Load Study
  • Wetland Management/Mitigation
  • Bio Fuel Investigation
  • Wetland Vegetation Classification/Change Detection
  • Invasive Aquatic Vegetation Monitoring

Aquatic weeds at Fish Lake, Utah

Invasive Aquatic Weed in Fish Lake, Utah