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AggieAir UAV Service Center

The AggieAir Service Center is committed to providing the highest quality environmental data and post-processing analytics through aerial imagery and scientific application. Our capabilities can be adapted to meet the needs of many scientific and natural resource inquiries.

Contact manager, Ian Gowing, for more information.


Service Center Capabilities

AggieAir offers the service of providing potential clients with time sensitive, high resolution, multi-spectral aerial imagery. Our primary focus is on providing environmental data through aerial imagery that can help address scientific research application needs and natural resource problems. The Service Center is not limited to aerial imagery, environmental sensors and monitoring equipment can be modified to fit the UAV payload and/or platform.

Platforms & Sensors

Service Center Platforms and Sensors

Current platform configurations include both a traditional Fixed Wing sUAV and Vertical Take-Off and landing VTOL systems. Sensors ranger from Scientific Lumenera cameras (RGB & NIR imagery) and ICI Thermal cameras to custom sensors that can be adapted/modified to either platform for scientific research applications.


Service Center Project

AggieAir has a 10 year history of delivering consistent environmental and natural resource image processing and data analysis across the Western U.S. Projects can be modified and adapted to fit the specific needs of each client.


Service Center Training

The Remote Sensing Service Center has over 10 years experience in areas of sUAV, from the initial planning stages of flight development, liaising directly with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), applying for Certificates of Authorization (COA), to flight planning and actual mission flights. In house training will focus on all aspects of sUAV flight, it can also be tailor to suit individual requirements.