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UWRL Wordmark & Icon

Official UWRL logos and wordmarks may be obtained by contacting Carri Richards or Brittanie Carter. Use of logos must adhere to USU visual identity program guidelines.

File formats available include jpg, pdf, png, tif, and eps

Wordmark White w/blue bg

UWRL Vertical Workmark white with blue background
UWRL Horizontal Stacked Watermark white with blue background

UWRL WaterMark white with blue background

Wordmark Blue

UWRL Vertical Watermark blue
UWRL wordmark horizontal stacked
UWRL wordmark horizontal blue

Wordmark Black

UWRL Vertical Watermark white
UWRL wordmark horizontal stacked black
UWRL wordmark horizontal black

Wordmark White w/no bg

UWRL Vertical Watermark with with no background
UWRL wordmark horizontal stacked white
UWRL wordmark horizontal white
Link to information about Utah State University visual identity including USU logo and wordmark.