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UWRL Memorial Scholarship
UWRL building in early srping


The UWRL offers a small memorial scholarship for UWRL staff and family members who wish to pursue or further their educations. The scholarship was established in 1984 as a tribute to Barbara South and Duard Woffinden, two dear UWRL employees, both of whom passed away while employed here.

Since 1993 the UWRL has given out over $16,000 in scholarship monies to 21 UWRL employees, students, and family members of UWRL employees.  After receiving the scholarship award and enhancing their education, several of the recipients are still current UWRL employees.


Contribute to the Scholarship Fund

UWRL employee and alumni contributions make this scholarship possible through

  • monthly payroll deductions, or
  • one-time donations.

Comments from Past Recipients

Being a recipient of the UWRL Memorial Scholarship has been so VERY helpful in paying for a good part of my tuition. UWRL has been so very supportive with the scholarship and accommodating my school/work schedule. I couldn't have gone back to school without this support."
"I would like to thank you for the wonderful UWRL Memorial Scholarship I was awarded. I am very grateful that Water Lab employees continue to contribute to this scholarship so that people like me can carry out their academic dreams.  I completed four classes during these two semesters. This was so very helpful! "
"I wish to express my appreciation to the Scholarship Committee for awarding me a scholarship this past academic year. Like all students with a wife and child, money tends to get tight during the semester and I was able to use the scholarship funds to pay for my class books and fees for the fall semester. During this last year, I was able to increase my knowledge and experience in hydraulics both in school and in the UWRL. This experience assisted me in finding a great job and I am sure it will continue to help me throughout my career. I am sincerely grateful for these funds and commend this admirable program."

Joe Stewart (2014)
Carri Richards (2012)
Shannon Clemens (2007, 08, 09, 10)
Brian Heiner (2007)
Christopher Tressler (2007)
Joseph Harris (2007)
Ivonne Harris (1997, 98, 2001, 06)

Jeremy Jensen (2006)
Sharon Melton (2003, 04)
Susan Robinson (2002)

Chad Crouch (2002)

Suzanne Clark (1998, 2001)
Jennifer Neilson (2001)
Lance Yeaman (1998, 2001)

Jeff Taylor (1998)
Stacy Reynolds (1993, 95)
Miles Parrish (1995)
Jan Cochley (Urroz) (1994, 95)
Marnie Parrish (1993)
Troy Peterson (1993)
Lon Searle (1993)

Barbara South

UWRL Employee Barbara SouthApril 16, 1983 has to be the saddest day in the history of the Utah Water Research Laboratory. Barbara South died that morning. She was our co-worker and friend, and we loved her. Her career began with the water research program at Utah State and her contribution has shaped the Utah Water Research Laboratory from its beginning. She joined the Utah State University staff in February 1964 as a clerk typist in the engineering experiment station under the direction of Vaughn E. Hansen. At the completion of the UWRL facility, she moved into the new building, grew as the laboratory grew, and advanced to compositor typist coordinator and principal department clerk.

But her imprints are not from titles. Her imprints are on the work she accomplished and the people she touched. Her imprints are deeply embedded in all that she touched because her work was her life—her family. She joyed as proposals she helped prepare, yes, more than just typed (always on hard deadlines and often into the wee hours and on weekends) gave birth to funded research. She tended the manuscript drafts that graduated into technical reports, some to be forgotten, some to contribute to improved water management, and some to awaken new research ideas. She transformed piles of scratchy notes into reports and papers and theses and dissertations that have made the careers of our researchers and have started countless students on roads to success. She lightened every else's load—students, co-workers, faculty, directors, and deans alike—by unselfishly taking on the most tedious jobs. Her death is a personal loss to all she touched, and it leaves a tremendous void at the Utah Water Research Laboratory.

Duard Woffinden

UWRL Employee Duard WoffindenDuard S. Woffinden, Senior Research Engineer when he was formal, which was hardly ever, and friend to everyone all the time, died suddenly at the Utah Water Research Laboratory on July 5, 1984 at the young age of 62. He was born at Garden City, Utah, and graduated from North Rich High School and from Utah State University with BS and MS degrees.

Every modern research laboratory requires electronic expertise, someone who goes beyond the theory and knows how boards and chips can be made to work right, that practical body who knows by instinct what is wrong, and how it can be fixed. Duard was the grandmaster, the man who would confidently see past the dead keyboard, flashing screen, or smoldering wire and go to the heart of a problem when everyone else felt helpless, exasperated, and irritable. Duard is remembered with fondness for the cheerfulness that he brought into the room, the energy that he put into the assignment, and the joy with which he filled a gloomy day. He was never too busy to help, even if it required working on his own time, which he often did. He was a man whose words said and whose every joke emphasized that he didn't know anyone that he did not like.

Duard contributed greatly to the success of the research program at the UWRL since the lab's construction in 1965. Prior to that time, he worked at the Sandia Atomic Energy Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico; at the Supersonic Research Test Site in Hurricane, Utah; and in the Electro Dynamics Laboratory at Utah State University. His technical competence, creative skills, and quiet unassuming attitude contributed immeasurably to the numerous research projects that were conducted at the laboratory.

Above everything and everyone, Duard loved his wife, Rose Marie, and his four sons and three daughters. He enjoyed being with them and was proud of their accomplishments.
All of us at the UWRL pay tribute to Duard. He enhanced the growth and prestige of the UWRL, enriched our lives, and will long be remembered among us with love and respect.