Student Highlight: Suzy Smith

After a successful defense of her thesis, “Arsenic release from dechlorination processes of biostimulation and bioaugmentation,” graduate student, Suzy Smith, has graduated from Utah State’s Environmental Engineering Master’s program. 

When Suzy graduated from high school in 2007, her older brother (who worked here) asked his boss if he needed any additional help.  While his boss turned down the request, he mentioned that Joan McLean was looking for help.  Suzy sent an email and said Joan hired her without even meeting and she’s been here ever since.  She started out washing glassware and slowly began to assist with various projects.  Once her undergraduate work was completed, Suzy was given funding to continue her graduate degree while working with Joan McLean. 

During her time at the UWRL, Suzy has been able to work on various projects and learn many different instruments. She’s also met some wonderful people through her time here.  It was her thesis project that presented both the biggest challenges and rewards.  While it was difficult finding everything necessary to set up the project she’s hopeful that the skills and education she gained here will help her find a job where she can continue to learn and grow. 

Outside of work and school, Suzy enjoys country swing dancing, movies, playing sports, putting together puzzles, and spending time with her friends and family.  Overall, she claims her time at the UWRL has been a fun adventure.

We will miss her but we wish Suzy all the best in her future endeavors.