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Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Council

The goal of the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility (SLVSWMF) is to provide environmental stewardship, financial integrity, safety, recycling education, and quality service to benefit the environment, residents, businesses, and employees of Salt Lake County for the long term.

The SLVSWMF operates a transfer station and landfill, and is involved with the collection, transportation and disposal of municipal solid waste.  The landfill facility operates a citizen’s unloading facility, provides recycling of various commodities including household hazardous waste, collects landfill-generated methane for electricity production, runs a green waste compost production operation, and is involved in land reclamation.  The Facility is also proactively involved in education of the public in areas related to waste reduction, recycling, and composting, and provides informational tours of the landfill and transfer station facility and their operations.

The SLVSWMF operates on the financial principle of an enterprise fund, and is supported by gate fees, rather than by tax funds.  The SLVSWMF Council is tasked with oversight of operations at the facility, and makes recommendations to the owners of the facility (Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County) regarding operational issues and policies, the fee structure for services provided to the public, and other regulatory and management issues that arise during the course of running the enterprise.


The PI attended all regularly scheduled SLVSWM Council meetings throughout FY10 and provided review and comment on all Council items relevant to his area of expertise, being heavily involved in analysis and development of recommendations regarding implementation of mandatory green waste recycling throughout Salt Lake County.

Will continue involvement in decision-making through attendance at monthly SLVSWMF Council meetings, and responding to special project requests as they arise to support the SLVSWMF’s mission and goals.

Benefits to the State

Membership on the SLVSWMF Council provides service to the citizens of Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, the Utah DEQ, and the regulated community by providing technical overview and expertise in solid waste management to the operating staff of the Facility.  The PI attends monthly meetings of the SLVSWMF Council, provides comments and input on solid and hazardous waste issues that arise, and has responded to special requests from the Council or Facility staff regarding technical issues affecting operation at the Facility.  An example of this special project request is detailed in a separate report related to investigating the impact of mandating green waste recycling on a County-wide basis on the SLVSWMF’s carbon and energy footprint.



March 14, 2011