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Student Research

Student conducts research


Students work closely alongside faculty mentors to conduct multidisciplinary research projects that combine research, training, and experience and give our students a broad understanding of environmental and water resources challenges and solutions that will help them become the next generation of water experts in Utah and around the world. 

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Environmental Division Head:
David Stevens

Water Division Head:
Blake Tullis

Academic Information:
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Student Research

The research program at the UWRL coordinates with the academic programs in the USU College of Engineering and provides students with opportunities to conduct hands-on, applicable research with the aid of faculty and other researchers who hold joint appointments at the UWRL and the Civil and Environmental Engineering and Biological Engineering departments at USU.

We recognize the great resources our students bring to the research conducted at the lab. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and determination are integral components to the success of our research program. The UWRL has so far welcomed students from over 100 countries. 

Recent Presentations

Ayman Alafifi--AWRA Water Resouces Planning and Management 2016--Orlando, Florida--Novemeber 2016 
"Systems Modeling to Improve River, Riparian, and Wetland Habitat Quality and Area"

Tony Melcher--iUtah All Hands Meeting--Provo, Utah
--November 2016 
"Adaptive Stormwater Sampling Using GAMUT Infrastructure"

Stetson Bassett--Intermountain Section AWRA Annual Converence 2016--St. George, Utah--September 2016 
"Piloting Biological Filtration"

Caleb Buahin--iEMSs 2016 Conference--Toulouse, France
--July 2016 
"From OpenMI to HydroCouple: Advancing OpenMI to Support Experimental Simulations and Standard Geospatial Datasets"

Tyler King--XI International Conference on Permafost 2016
--Potsdam, Germany--June 2016 
"Application of high resolution remotely sensed channel geometry to quantify lateral inflow gains through an arctic watershed"

Cal Coopmans--ICUAS 2016--Arlington, VA--June 2016
"An open-source real-time UAS flight control prototyping and testing platform

Mohanad Khodier--6th International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures--Portland, OR--June 2016 
"Fish passage behavior through baffled and non-baffled culvert"
Ayman Alafifi--AWRA Utah Section 44th Annual Conference--Salt Lake City, UT--May 2016
"Systems models to improve river and riparian habitat quality"
Yumiko Sandstrom--SETAC Europe 26th Annual Meeting--Nantes, France--May 2016
"Assessing the applicability of a proposed protocol for determining a plant uptake factor (PUF): preliminary results"

Leila Esfahani--ASCE-EWRI World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2016--West Palm Beach, FL--May 2016
"Spanning high and low resolution remote sensing products in precision agriculture"

Recent Student Accomplishments & Awards

Caleb Buahin was awarded Martin Luther King fellowship for 2016-2017. Caleb was also one of three students selected as a 2016 Engineering Graduate Scholar. 
UWRL and CEE students win 2016 WEAU student design award in St. George.  The team will represent Utah in the upcoming national competition.
Ayman AlAfifi recieves wins 2016 J. Paul Riley AWRA Utah Chapter Student Paper Competition.
Tyler King earns outstanding student paper award at AGU.

Adel Abdallah is awarded UCOWR scholarship to 2015 Smart Water Innovations Conference.