During the UWRL's 50 year tenure, we have conducted research and participated in projects in more than 70 countries as highlighted on the map (right).  The Utah Water Research Laboratory name carries recognizable prestige across the world.  







Research programs at the Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) are recognized throughout the nation and the world but also directly address Utah’s current and future water resources needs in significant ways. 


The UWRL’s diverse research program continues to benefit each of Utah’s 29 counties.  Some projects are relatively small, while others involve interdisciplinary teams in collaboration with multiple agencies and the private sector.


The UWRL collaborates and partners with engineers, scientists, and managers from the Utah Department of Natural Resources; the Utah Department of Environmental Quality; the twelve Utah local health departments; and several large water user districts and associations.


In addition to its research role, the UWRL is involved in university graduate and undergraduate education through:

  • Hands-on projects
  • Part-time employment
  • Research assistantships
  • Public and professional service
  • Technology and information transfer
  • Public education

Almost all projects involve graduate students and result in masters or doctoral degrees.  As graduates are hired by Utah employers, they become an effective means of technology transfer from the UWRL to Utah’s water and environmental organizations. 

The UWRL also provides training to a wide spectrum of water professionals through workshops, short-courses, and other outreach activities.