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Caleb Amoa Buahin

Caleb Amoa Buahin

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Contact Information

Office Location: UWRL 235

Educational Background:

Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering, Utah State University, 2017


Caleb is a post-doctoral researcher with the iUTAH Cyberinfrastructure Research Team whose areas of research interests broadly include the development and application of hydrologic and hydrodynamic models that improve our understanding of interactions between surface and sub-surface water dynamics with ecosystem services along the gradients between underdeveloped watersheds and urban areas; the derivation of model interfacing standards for integrating hydrologic models and related earth systems and environmental models; development of standardized environmental data models and environmental information systems; and the application Geographic Information System (GIS) and other technologies for analyzing, processing, and visualizing hydrological datasets.

The premise of his current work revolves around the fact that in the hydrologic sciences, it is often not possible to select a single model that has all the process formulations needed to simulate the complexities increasingly desired for interdisciplinary research efforts (e.g., feedbacks between hydrology and ecosystem services, climate feedbacks with land surface processes, the transport and fate of contaminants, etc.). To address this challenge, he has developed a software framework called HydroCouple that allows modelers to stitch together disparate models in a flexible way so that hydrologic and related earth systems and environmental systems can be evaluated more holistically.