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Alfonso Torres-Rua

Alfonso Torres-Rua

Water Resources Engineering

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: UWRL 234
Phone: (435) 797-0397

Educational Background:

Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering (2011), Utah State University – Logan, Utah

M.S., Irrigation Engineering (2006), Utah State University – Logan, Utah

B.S., Agricultural Engineering (2000), La Molina National Agrarian University – Lima, Perú


Evapotranspiration, Irrigation, Remote Sensing, Soil Moisture


Alfonso Torres-Rua is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and at the Utah Water Research Laboratory. His research and expertise includes remote sensing data (unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites) production and analysis for agricultural water management, with emphasis on spatial crop status and water use estimation and monitoring at small and large scale.Water resources analysis at spatial and temporal scales. Use of high-resolution and satellite imagery in time series format in monitoring, forecasting and optimization studies for farms, irrigation systems and hydrological basins. Experience with NASA servers access, large spatial datasets processing, and web mapping services.