State & National Committees/Boards

As part of the UWRL mission, our researchers are encouraged to serve on water-related boards and committees throughout the state and nation. Their expertise and experience becomes part of the solution to interdisciplinary water resources challenges and provides for technically informed water-related policy to ensure and improve human health and environmental assets. Some of these outreach activities are listed below:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers - Environmental Water Resources Systems Committee (Dr. David Rosenberg, Chair)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers - Environmental Water Resouces Systems Committee, Excellence in Systems Analysis Teaching and Communications
    (Dr. David Rosenberg, Chair)
  • American Water Resources Association - Utah Chapter (Dr. David Rosenberg, board member)
  • AWWA Standards Committees: gate and check valves, butterfly valves, meter testing, and developing AWWA Standards (Dr. Michael C. Johnson, member)​
  • Cache Valley Solid Waste Advisory Board, Technical Member (Dr. R. Ryan Dupont, technical member)
  • American Water Works Association Scholarship and Student Outreach Committee, Intermountain Section (Dr. Laurie S. McNeill, member)
  • Jordan River TMDL Technical Advisory Board for Utah DEQ (Dr. R. Ryan Dupont, technical expert)
  • Logan River Task Force (Dr. Mac McKee, Dr. David Rosenberg, Dr. Jeffery Horsburgh, members)
  • Salt Lake County Solid Waste Management Council, (Dr. R. Ryan Dupont, technical representative)
  • State of Utah Drinking Water Board (Dr. David K. Stevens, member)
  • Statewide Nutrient Criteria Development: Core Advisory Team (Dr. Darwin L. Sorensen, member)
  • Technical Qualification Board for US EPA (Dr. R. Ryan Dupont, outside ad hoc member)
  • Utah Governor's Unmanned Aerial Systems Test Site Advisory Board (Dr. Mac McKee, member)
  • Weber-Morgan Health Department Wastewater Advisory Committee (Dr. Darwin L. Sorensen, member)

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB-USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects and creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders. UWRL faculty members and students have participated in EWB projects in:

  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Uganda

Water Initiative

The Utah State University (USU) Water Initiative fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and collegial sharing of ideas related to water across the departments and colleges of Utah State University.

As part of this water community, the UWRL provides support for the Spring Runoff Conference, which is held at the end of winter in anticipation of the spring runoff season and provides an opportunity for idea sharing and scholarly debate.