Selected Papers and Publications

Inks Dam

The following is a select list of papers and publications of Utah Water Research Laboratory hydraulics personnel available for download.

Hydraulic Structures Analysis & Modeling

  • Discharge Coefficient Analysis for Flat-Topped and Sharp-Crested Weirs. Irrigation Science, 19:133-137, 2000. Johnson, Michael C.
  • Flow over Ogee Spillway: Physical and Numerical Model Case Study. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 127, No. 8, August 2001. Savage, B.M. and Johnson, M.C.
  • Hydraulic model testing for dam safety. Association of State Dam Safety Officials Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, September, 1997. Barfuss, S.L., Tullis, J.P. and King, J.R.

Hydraulic Testing & Calibration