Hydraulic Field Services

The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) hydraulics field services program provides expertise in:

  • Flow measurement
  • Open channel velocity profiling
  • Third party witness testing
  • Engineering consulting services

Although laboratory tests are always more accurate because of testing control and NIST traceability, it can be more cost effective and time efficient to perform field calibrations and/or testing. UWRL personnel perform flow and velocity measurements in both pipe and open channel conditions using applicable technologies. If required or appropriate, instrumentation is laboratory tested in a simulated setup before it is used in the field to ensure accuracy. Occasionally, measurements of pressure, flow or velocity in the field are used to help calibrate physical models in the laboratory.

The UWRL provides field and witness consultations on:

  • Flow meter installations
  • Pipe system problems
  • Dam and control structure issues
  • Cavitation damage
  • Many other hydraulic problems

UWRL personnel are available to witness field tests performed by others to ensure that tests are performed according to acceptable standards, and to reduce test bias.


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Field Testing