The Utah Water Research Laboratory's (UWRL) modern, comprehensive hydraulic flow facilities are located on the Logan River, a clean freshwater source capable of delivering 230 cfs to laboratory facilities. With over 50,000 square feet of research space, the UWRL offers a variety of flumes, channels, pumps, pipelines, equipment, and instrumentation for conducting hydraulic research, model studies, valve testing, and flow meter calibrations.

Water is supplied by gravity flow from an upstream reservoir through a 48-inch diameter pipe to the laboratory. The reservoir supplies a constant pressure head of 25 feet to the main laboratory level and 35 feet to the lower laboratory level. A network of steel piping (18, 24 and 36 inches in diameter) located under the floor supplies water to various parts of the lab. Other under floor channels conduct water from the experiments back to the river, to re-circulating pumps, or to precise flow measurement facilities.

Laboratory research is supported by a wood and machine shop that houses necessary stationary and hand tools for physical model construction, custom steel and acrylic fabrication, and heavy equipment maintenance. The laboratory includes forklifts, a mobile crane, and skid-loaders to aid in the construction of experiments.

Other features of the hydraulics laboratory include a 400 square-foot rainfall simulator and a sunlight simulator integrated with a tilt-able, soil-filled test flume. These simulators enable students and faculty to conduct a wide range of studies related to erosion, runoff, infiltration and crop production.

Laboratory Facility Summary

NIST Traceable Flow Measurement Equipment

  • 1000 lb weigh tank
  • 30,000 lb weigh tank
  • 300,000 lb weigh tank
  • 835 cubic foot volumetric tank
  • 3545 cubic foot volumetric tank
  • Master venturi meters(48 inch, 24 inch, 12 inch, 6 inch, 2 inch)
  • 48 inch ultrasonic meter

Pressure Measurement Equipment

  • Rangeable pressure transducers
  • Precision pressure gauges
  • U-tube manometers (blue fluid and mercury)

Data Collection Equipment

  • Data acquisition software and hardware
  • Digital data analyzer
  • Multimeters
  • Decibel meters
  • Accelerometers
  • Thermometers

Pipe and fitting Inventory

  • US steel pipe sizes (0.5 through 72 inch)
  • Uncommon steel pipe sizes (upon request)
  • Control valves (0.5 through 48 inch)
  • Elbows, reducers, tees, etc. for pipeline simulation tests
  • Flange clamps for flanges other than 150 pounds
  • Dresser couplings (2 through 48 inch)

Flow and Pressure capabilities

  • Reservoir: 11psi upper level, 15psi lower level at shutoff, 230cfs maximum
  • 1 stage, 100-hp vertical turbine pump, 1770-rpm, 5000-gpm runout, 70 ft shutoff
  • 2 stage, 200-hp vertical turbine pump, 1770-rpm, 5000-gpm runout, 170 ft shutoff
  • 10 stage, 100-hp vertical turbine pump, 1770-rpm, 1000-gpm runout, 680 ft shutoff
  • 350-hp centrifugal pump, 1780-rpm, 3000-gpm runout, 580-ft shutoff
  • 15 ft constant head tank

Test Flumes/Headboxes

  • 6 x 8 x 500 ft concrete flume
  • 5 x 6 x 50 ft wood/Plexiglas® sectional model flume
  • 4 x 4 x 80 ft wooden high velocity erosion control flume
  • Tilting 3 x 4 x 48 ft steel/Plexiglas® research flume
  • Tilting 2 x 3 x 24 ft steel/Plexiglas® research flume
  • 24 x 24 x 5 ft elevated headbox
  • 60 x 50 x 5 ft headbox