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April 16, 1983 has to be the saddest day in the history of the Utah Water Research Laboratory. Barbara South died that morning. She was our co-worker, our friend, and we loved her. Her career began with the water research program at Utah State and her contribution has shaped the Utah Water Research Laboratory from its beginning. She joined the Utah State University staff in February 1964 as a clerk typist in the engineering experiment station under the direction of Vaughn E. Hansen. At the completion of the UWRL facility, she moved into the new building, grew as the laboratory grew, and advanced to compositor typist coordinator and principal department clerk.

But her imprints are not from titles. Her imprints are on the work she accomplished and the people she touched. Her imprints are deeply embedded in all that she touched because her work was her life--her family. She joyed as proposals she helped prepare, yes, more than just typed (always on hard deadlines and often into the wee hours and on weekends) gave birth to funded research. She tended the manuscript drafts that graduated into technical reports, some to be forgotten, some to contribute to improved water management, and some to awaken new research ideas. She transformed piles of scratchy notes into reports and papers and theses and dissertations that have made the careers of our researchers and have started countless students on roads to success. She lightened every else's load--students, co-workers, faculty, directors, and deans alike by unselfishly taking on the most tedious jobs. Her death is a personal loss to all she touched, and it leaves a tremendous void at the Utah Water Research Laboratory.