Mission Statement

The mission of the Utah Water Research Laboratory includes the following activities that are related to stewardship of water quantity and quality:

  • Facilitate research that supports education and teaching within a university environment.
  • Conduct research that is directed at solving multimedia water-related problems of state, national, and international scopes.
  • Cooperate with academic departments and other academic research units in generating, transmitting, applying, and preserving knowledge in ways that are consistent with the land grant university mission of Utah State University.
  • Conduct research that provides for a technically informed water-related policy that can be used to ensure and improve human health and environmental assets in Utah, the United States, and globally.
  • Facilitate research, testing, and design activities that involve training university students to provide services to audiences that are external to the university.
  • Provide research-based training on water-related subjects to governmental and private organizations and to the general public.