Utah Water Research Laboratory

The Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) is a stand-alone facility located at Utah State University (USU) on the Logan River, Logan, Utah. The UWRL operates within an academic environment and collaborates with government and private sectors to address technical and societal aspects of water-related issues, including quality, quantity, distribution, and conjunctive use. This is accomplished through providing more than 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art laboratory, computer, and office space.

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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Jeffery HorsburghDr. Jeff Horsburgh earns "Early Career Excellence Award" and NSF Award





Dr. David E. RosenbergDr. David E. Rosenberg was a featured speaker at USU's TEDx event in November 2013.






Dr. Michael C. JohnsonDr. Michael C. Johnson designs new valve for Logan Canyon Hydro Plant







Dr. Bethany NeilsonDr. Bethany Neilson studies the impact that weather patterns, animals, and plants have on the water and the flow